In Love With the Cheesemonger

I’m in love. It’s that magical kind of love that makes you feel all squishy inside.

I’m in love with the cheesemonger.

Scardello in Uptown Dallas is my new haven. Inside, away from the bustle of Dallas, is an unassuming shop with one large glass case. Within the case, though, is a magical assortment of cheeses, and behind the counter, some of the most knowledgeable folks in the world on the topic.

Alana and I had our first run in with the good folks there due to some drunken bidding at an auction on the part of our friend Jena. She (inadvertently) won a cheese tasting for a bunch of people, and being the resident fatty, I was invited along with Alana.

Rich, the man in charge, is awesome. Charming, fun, and above all else, mad about his cheese. After the initial cheese and wine evening, Alana and I returned around Thanksgiving to pick out cheese for a small cheese tray. Not only were they extremely helpful when we came in with only a vague idea of what we wanted, they let us taste everything. They let everyone taste everything. It’s delicious, it’s amazing, it’s cheese-tastic.

Today, we went in for lunch – they have a nice menu of sandwiches using their pile of delicious cheeses. You can see the menu here. I had the Mountaineer – for those of you who don’t want to click through, here’s the description.

Two French Classics, Beaufort and Raclette, melted with our favorite Swiss Gruyere on baguette.

Bam. Party on bread. A grilled cheese that took me by the shoulders, shook me, slapped me, and made me want more. I’ve had a grilled cheese party (another one soon!) – I know what awesome grilled cheese sandwiches taste like. This one, though, was transcendental.

Go to Scardello, taste some cheese, ask some questions, eat a sandwich, drink some wine, and enjoy a truly unique corner of Dallas. I’ll be there, pressed up against the glass, pointing excitedly.

3511 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219

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One Response to In Love With the Cheesemonger

  1. AbbieBabble says:

    Oh dear me, that sounds amazing. Now I want some cheese. . .

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