I Heart LoveSac

This is a love letter to my LoveSac.

Have you seen these things? They’re like beanbag chairs, but awesomer. The Lovely Wife let me buy one of these a few months ago, and since then, it’s become my second home. A warm womb of memory foam that sits in the corner of my living room like a large, brown blob.  And the best? It’s big enough for two.

Sure, I’m 26. I theoretically have a job, I’m in graduate school, and I should be an adult. But damnit, I have a awesome beanbag-like chair that I get to play video games and watch TV from. And my Lovely Wife will cuddle up with me in it.

If I’d had this when I was 14, I would have probably done the exact same thing with it, minus the girl. Plus Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Sure, it’s expensive. We got it on sale. Sure, it’s impractical. We hide it in the office when real people come over.  But the 14 year old in me goes, “THIS IS SOOOO COOL.” It’s comfy, it’s perfect for what I need. It fills that stupid little bit in me that wanted something so badly as a kid, and now I’m married to the woman who has the cash to let me buy stupid things like this.

I love you, LoveSac. Everyone else – come over to my place, and I’ll let you cuddle up with me.

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2 Responses to I Heart LoveSac

  1. SNslim says:

    Why is there a blurry picture of you at the end of this post? Why not a picture of the LoveSac?

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