Lame, Wonderfully Relaxing Friday Nights

At one point in my life, I remember a point where Friday night was a time to go out and drink. Or at least be social. Or maybe just sit in my room at my fraternity and play video games. As of late, though, Friday nights have become my regenerative phase – a chance for me to enter the cocoon of rest and emerge, ready to do something on Saturday.

I get the feeling that the whole thing shifted because of my crazy during-the-week schedule. Back in undergrad, for the most part, I could manage to take care of everything I needed to get done during the week. It took a little maneuvering, but except for some large, massive papers that required a little more time to construct, everything could get done during the week. When Friday came, the gloves came off, and the beer flowed.

Now, three years into graduate school, I can’t do that. I literally do not have time to complete everything I need to during the week. I’m sitting here, Saturday AM, thinking about the amount of stuff I need to accomplish over the next two days just to be caught up on Monday morning. Grading papers for my class, doing some reading, writing, editing, practicing, and other academic and non-academic responsibilities. Maybe I didn’t have these back in undergrad.

Or maybe I was just better about ignoring them.

Last night, in an attempt to rest up for the coming two days, I managed to drink a Cuba Libre (Bacardi, Coke Zero, twist of lime) and watch Hot Tub Time Machine with Lovely Wife. That was about it. I think we went to sleep sometime before 10. I’m officially old.

I can justify it, though – don’t write me off quite yet. Both of our weeks have been crazy and out of kilter, which means that we both need to head inside to take cover and regenerate. Curling up on the couch, watching a movie, and drinking is how we do that. Some people go for runs, others go out to bars. Our regeneration area in the 5 feet surrounding our couch.

As a recent young muse’s lyrics remind us, “Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday…” I assume she means that I can sit down on my couch, and let my mind disengage from the wave of stuff from the week.

Also, as an aside – I have many friends who are inside of a large metal armadillo this weekend, recording music with the wind symphony. My support to them. I’ll be outside, enjoying the weather and then inside, doing my own work. We’re not so different, you and I.

With Friday nights reserved for relaxation, Saturday has become the de facto social evening. Tonight, we’re going to an auction fundraiser for a local childcare cooperative that promises to be epic. I’m fine with only having one epic night per weekend. Even in college, keeping up a two night rage was tough. I’d either go all out Friday or Saturday, but not both. The other night was reserved for watching reruns of Lizzy McGuire (don’t judge me) or playing my Gamecube.

Maybe things haven’t changed so much after all.

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