The Perils of Taking a Week Off

Went out for my first run since March 27 – so you can see how long that’s been. I did 11 intervals of 2 run/3 walk. I won’t lie, it just about killed me.

As crappy as I thought I had done, at least my chart sort of looks pretty.

RunKeeper Profile Link.

(For those of you who asked, this is a chart of my speed, so the peaks and valleys are my run/walk alternations. I keep trying to make my chart as wavy as possible. I possibly have a sinusoidal obsession.)

I’d been going out during the evenings, so there were just a bunch of joggers around. Today, though, there was a cavalcade of youth soccer, softball, and lacrosse on all of the fields of the park. I was dodging kids, strollers, and wayward parents. Besides the run, I got pretty good evasion training.

I never did any sort of little league as a kid (no interest at all), so the idea of youth sport leagues is foreign to me. I have to admit, watching one 4 year old almost slide tackle another 4 year old to get the soccer ball makes me reconsider youth sports.

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