Bouncing Back

After skipping yesterday’s workout due to inattention, laziness, and Saturday morning cartoons, I made sure I went out this morning. Now, I did 4.7 miles, which is the most I’ve done in one go during this particular round of working out. Unfortunately, this attempt also kicked my ass up and down the park. On interval two, my left shin started hurting like hell, and by the end, I was walking like an old school zombie, complete with incoherent mumblings.

I wrapped that up at around 10:30 this morning, and it’s now 4:30, and I’m just coming out of it. That’s after a shower, breakfast, lots of water, a nap, and the greasiest Five Guys burger you can imagine. Not surprisingly, it was the combination of grease, fat, and salt that made me feel better – unfortunately, it was that same combination that got me into the tubby state I’m in in the first place. I know that I did some good this morning, but if the only reliable way I have to bounce back is to hit the bad stuff, then what am I doing?

Lovely Wife and I are hitting up a 5k in a few weeks in Ft. Worth. For once in my life, I’m not worried about actually getting through a 5k, mainly because every time I go out, I cover at least that much distance. My worry now is getting to the next level.

Last December, Lovely Wife rocked the White Rock Half Marathon in Dallas. After going to cheer her on and seeing a lot of people tubbier than me doing it, I became resolved to show everyone what I was made of. That seemed like a good idea a few months ago. Now that I’m pushing 4-5 miles every time I go out, the idea of getting to the magic number of 13.1 seems nearly impossible. I can barely go 2-3 minutes of running without my shins starting to scream at me – luckily, my cardiovascular and respiratory systems have caught up. I’m no longer panting, dying, out of breath all of the time. Now, it’s an issue of my leg muscles yelling at me to stop every three seconds.

So I’ve got a 5k in a few weeks, a 10k in a few months, and a half-marathon to contend with in December. I’ve got a start, but I’m not sure how to keep going past here. I made some mistakes this morning – didn’t eat breakfast before, wasn’t well hydrated, etc. The idea of going out, again and again, feeling this crappy afterwards sort of makes me want to pack it up and just do things that don’t make me feel this crappy.

On the plus side, it’s a pretty graph, once again. On the down side, it’s pretty because my running wasn’t that fast (5.3 mph or so) and my walking was often super slow (3.4 or so). I’m not going to these events for time – just to get through them. I would, one day, like to not be trampled by little children while I’m wheezing and limping along.

Any advice? I’ve never been one for this kind of activity, and after getting completely wiped out today, I’m feeling a little down about where I’m at in the process. Between my shins hurting and being laid out for 5 or so hours, what can I do to keep this kind of thing from happening again?

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3 Responses to Bouncing Back

  1. Great job, Jordan! You are doing so well and don’t doubt that. Now, you’re only going to move forward and improve πŸ™‚ I am no expert but I know for me, shin splints was a sign that I was doing too much too soon. I had to learn to stay at a low mileage for a while, like just doing 1.5 – 2 miles consistently for several weeks to a month. Once I felt comfortable with those miles, I went up, in 1/2 mile increments. I also don’t stretch before I run but instead I walk for 5 minutes or do a moving warm-up. I run, and then I stretch. In the event that my shins DO hurt, I use a pencil to roll it up and down my shin. Hurts like hell but it helps. As far as training for a half marathon, I think you’ll be successful! Just give yourself realistic goals and go “slowly” at reaching those goals. You’ve got plenty of time to train properly. Run 3-4 times a week, giving yourself rest days, strength train a couple of times a week, eat properly, hydrate yourself well (but not too much), try out some Clif shot bloks or Gu during long training runs and keep track of what you eat the night before long runs. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. SN_Cong says:

    Agree with the above poster – shin splints are a sign you’re hitting it too hard. One of my good friends had to pull out of his half-marathon because of them. They’re actually inflammation as a result of overuse irritating the fascia that runs up the front of your calf…basically any one of the dozens of muscles in your foot/ankle/calf are not strong enough for the pounding you are giving them.

    He wound up using compression stockings on some of his runs and afterwards, and there are lots of other things people swear by. But you should also make sure your shoes match your stride – if you haven’t, this would be a good time to go to the best running store around you for a proper fit. Good luck!

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