100 Days till 27: 63 Days Left

As I approach the end of the semester and look out onto the vast wasteland that might be my summer, these “100 Days” posts are becoming more and more important. What makes me frustrated is that even though I managed to complete some of my goals, some sat undone – not for lack of time, but for lack of push. That kind of thing bugs the ever-loving crap out of me; instead of working towards my admittedly small goals, I either screwed around on the internet or watched old episodes of Family Guy on Netflix.

While I should be pushing towards the end of the semester, I’m actually just spinning my wheels. Instead of ending with a bang, I’m sliding into home with a whimper.

Recap for last week:

  1. Academic – Download 5 new research articles and summarize them.
  2. Musical – Post jury, keep practicing at least 30 minutes every other day.
  3. Social – Go out to another new place.
  4. Physical – Go out running at least twice before the 5K on Saturday.
  5. Mental – Meditate for at least 10 minutes 3 days this week.

Academic? Epic fail. I didn’t even find new articles to read. All of my academic work got swallowed up in other pursuits – not necessarily better pursuits, but pursuits none-the-less. I can’t tell if I actually had a lot of work, or it just seemed like a lot of work.

Musical? Moderate fail. I practiced a few other times after my jury, but most of them were just working on reed stuff. While I do need reeds, I really really need to actually get my skills back in place before I head into my summer recording session.

Social? Hells yeah. This weekend, we went walking in a new park, ran in a new 5K, and drank at a new bar. I even had a new drink at the new bar!

Physical? Yup. Even though I was basically thrashed before the 5K.

Mental? Oh yeah. I even had a new mantra (thanks to Lovely Wife) – “progress is incremental.” Aum.

Another 3.5/5 week – a “C.” Chronically underachieving, like always. It’s how I roll.

And for the coming week – which is finals week, but since I’m only giving finals, I’ll have more time than I probably should.

  1. Academic – Come up with a concrete list of goals (and steps to achieve them) for the summer.
  2. Musical – Practice 30 minutes every other day, and finish 5 new reeds.
  3. Social – Finish planning our Eurovision party for Saturday.
  4. Physical – Do something physical at least 3 times this week (not necessarily running).
  5. Mental – Meditate for at least 10 minutes 3 days this week and go to yoga once.

I know that these goals may seem very similar to last week’s, but if I can manage to pull an “A,” I’m not sure I should be allowed to skip ahead to the next grade yet. No Child Left Behind, and all that.

I’ve also noticed, as I’m sitting here rereading the post, that my goals aren’t very specific. I made a big todo about having specific goals (when vague ones weren’t exactly working), but my academic goal of “make a list” seems a bit frightening. I reserve the right to say, “I put four things down on a list, it’s a win.”

Time for a new week, new goals, and hopefully a better grade.

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