Victory Lap

This one is going to be short and sweet.

Today, as of a few hours ago, I’ve managed to finally end my last year of my Master’s degree and the first year of my PhD simultaneously. While sometimes it felt like an absolute slog, finishing this year makes me feel not only like I’ve managed to sneak by, but that I’m turning a new page in my career.

Things are getting better in and out of my head, which in truth are two completely different things. Sometimes, externally, everything can be just peachy, and my brain will be reminding me just how much of a failure I am. Sometimes, just as I get my brain calmed down, something will blow out externally, and it’ll just start the whole cycle again.

It’s vicious.

As of right now, Thursday at 12:30pm (CDT), I’m doing ok. I finished the semester without a stream of panic, and I’ve got a game plan for the summer. I have time to maintain my health and sanity, as well as put myself in a good position for the coming year. I don’t see all of that time as a wasteland of potential failure – it’s just time for me to get my shit together. Feels good.

So, it’s done. Finals are completed, and all I have to do is submit my grades before Monday. I’ve got an awesome party this weekend, plus tons of time just to relax and decompress.

So no deep insights, and no playful wordplay. No tongue in cheek self-deprecation, and no unrelated images. Today is just a victory lap.

There may be a ton of crap coming up, and my stress levels may shoot up again, but as of right now, things are going pretty damn well.

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One Response to Victory Lap

  1. ashley says:

    so I may be a creeper, but your blog always puts a smile on my face. Congrats!!!!

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